Challenges Make Change

The ShooterKing Story

For the last fifteen years ShooterKing has been innovating leading textile technologies for the hunting  world. All designs, functions and quality are first and foremost approved by the brands hunting ambassadors, who undergo constant field tests, which take place in real life hunting situations. With ambassadors and customers ambitious requests and
feedback, improvements and new developments encourage the ShooterKing brand to deliver top quality designs.

Hunting and shooting are traditional sports, which are recognised across an array of cultures, have an acknowledgement to nature, lifestyle and outdoor pursuits, which vary from country to country. With experienced experts, ShooterKing respect the hunting traditions and use these inspirations to create stylish and versatile designs with outstanding functionality, which is clearly demonstrated across the brand.

ShooterKing produce a range of clothing and accessories to cover most hunting sports across all seasons, and that have been designed to take on the toughest conditions, whilst remaining lightweight, hard-wearing, stylish and fully functional. With over 30 years of production and design experience, our inspection lines guarantee that no detail is ever missed – from materials used through to the final stitching.

The ethos of ShooterKing is to ensure that customers benefit from the value and quality of the brand, whilst focusing on improving concepts and designing quality outdoor wear for hunting enthusiasts. ShooterKing does not aim to achieve the
highest margins, but believes in providing the best value to its customers.

ShooterKing products are currently sold in 12 countries with over 350 dealers located across Europe. All products designed by the brand have a minimum of two years warranty, which is guaranteed for all consumers.

Challenges Make Change and ShooterKing will continue the innovation of developing the best in hunting clothing at the highest level. Designed by Hunters, for Hunters!

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