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Paul Childerley

Brand Ambassador,
Pro Stalker & Owner of Childerley Sporting

Coming from a family background of Gamekeeping, Paul was introduced to a wide variety of country field sports at an early age,
but game shooting and rifle hunting are Pauls real passions, which he has turned into his career. Starting out as a gamekeeper, then moving into estate management, Paul has gained a wealth of experience and has finally built-up his own company,  Childerley Sporting, which offers game shooting at two separate estates. Pauls company also manages over 20,000 acres of estates for wild deer where the stocks are managed in order to produce a healthy and balanced wild deer population. Childerley Sporting is rated number one in the world for Chinese Water Deer, based in Bedfordshire and they also manage  estates throughout Central England.

Childerley Sports provide the best destinations and work alongside reliable partners to arrange hunts and fishing abroad,  whether it be wild boar hunting in Hungary through to white Sturgeon fishing in Canada.

Paul’s thoughts on

“I have been using ShooterKing clothing for several years and started to rely on the clothing for its performance in all extreme weather; cold, wet, windy, hot, high humidity and also its versatility to be used for casual wear. I was asked to test the products and put them through the different levels of water resistance testing; breathability, warmth, durability and style. In the past two years ShooterKing have improved and adapted their clothing to become one of the most recognised and leading brands.

Childerley Sporting gamekeepers and guides all wear ShooterKing clothing as a uniform and the brand acts as an essential part of the attire worn to carry out everyday work. We all have several favourite garments we wear for both hunting and leisure. Personally, I take essential ShooterKing items wherever I travel for all of my personal hunting trips.

ShooterKing is taking its clothing to the next level to suit the modern day hunter with all of their hunting requirements, whilst maintaining the traditional elements. I believe ShooterKing offers quality at the right price.”

Hannah Spearman

Brand Ambassador, Test
Gundog Trainer & Outdoor Photographer

Hannah spends most of her time in the great outdoors and runs Rebelritsi Gundogs, in conjunction with Cwnsaethu Dog  Behaviour & Training, where Hannah works as a gundog trainer. Hannah also runs Rebelritsi Photography based in Kent, where she works as an outdoor photographer, specialising in dogs and shoot day photography.

Hannah’s thoughts on

“I spend 99% of my life in the outdoors. When working, the last thing I want to worry about is not wearing the best and most appropriate clothing available. Whether that is teaching gundog training, working my own dogs on a shoot day, competitions or being out photographing a clients dog or shoot.

I need to know that I will be warm and dry in the cold and wet or cool and comfortable in the summer months, and ShooterKing does just that, allowing me to concentrate on the job in hand.Wherever I am, wherever I go, whether in Kent working or in Scotland training, I always have ShooterKing clothing with me. ShooterKing is both smart and professional, whilst being suitable for the more casual occasions. I’m proud to be a Brand Ambassador and highly recommend ShooterKing clothing.”

Mark Bellamy

Brand Ambassador,
Hunting, Shooting & Fishing Enthusiast

Mark was born into a lifestyle of fishing and shooting and from a very young age, Mark could often be found either out on the river bank fishing for salmon and sea trout, or out and about in the field, shooting with his father, uncle and cousins in Dougellau, Wales!

Mark’s thoughts on

“Being an outdoor person and hunting enthusiast I demand and require the best equipment I can get, including clothing. I want
to look smart and know I’m going to be dry, warm and comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature throws at me, as I can be up on the hills of Scotland or on the flat lands down south. Clothing is such an important part of your kit that you have to trust and believe in it.

I first came across ShooterKing clothing at a game fair in the UK. I had a good look at the clothing they had on display and was very impressed with the design and quality! Needless to say, I purchased my first outfit then and have never looked back.

I can honestly say that ShooterKing clothing is by far the best in my opinion and of all the clothing I have tried. The brand has never let me down, no matter what I’m doing out in the field, whether I’m flying my goshawk or falcon, deer stalking, duck and goose shooting, sat in a pigeon hide or out on the bank fly fishing. I am proud to be a brand ambassador for ShooterKing and will continue to help develop this growing brand for other hunters like myself.”